Ruay – Meaning and Character Analysis

RUAY – Meaning, Character Analysis
You are a highly creative person who can come up with a lot of solutions in an instant. You never stop thinking and you are always devising something new. You are very sensitive and intuitive but also responsive and reassuring. You are very loyal to your family and you love to take care of people. You are also very romantic and you always want to make your partner feel special. You can also mediate well between your friends and you like to avoid conflict as much as possible.

Your love of life and its pleasures makes you enjoy every moment. You are a strong believer in yourself and you have a good sense of humor which helps you to get through setbacks in your life. You are a great leader and you love to inspire others. You are also a great listener and you are very good at making new friends as well as keeping the ones you already have. You are very mature and you have a lot of trust in your community, so it takes time for you to warm up to new people.