Popular Darts Sports

Popular Darts Sports

Darts is a fun social sport that is continually gaining recognition all over the world. It is a game that involves darts that are thrown at a circular target commonly known as dart board, which is hung on a wall. It is widely played in tournaments and championships and the term “darts” now refers to a standardized sport involving particular board design and set of rules.

Essentially, darts is not just a singular sport. There are multiple variations in this game, leading to the birth of the most commonly used term “darts sports”. These darts sports are responsible in the first place for adding a variety in the game and for matching different skill levels. They are very popular today and are played in many pubs in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the Scandinavian countries, the United States and elsewhere.

Some of the More Common Darts Sports

Cricket is a darts sport that has become very famous in the modern era. In fact, it is now sanctioned for competition. On its most basic, the objective of this darts sport is to close every number from 20 down to 15, including the bull’s eye, ending up with more accumulated points than your opponents. Well, in order to close a number, you must hit three of that number.

The scoreboard for cricket is typically drawn with the numbers 20 to 15, and bull’s eye, written in descending order. The marks on the dart board of this darts sport are basically created to indicate that a number has been hit once, twice or three times by a darter. Note that in this darts sport, you can only close points on a given number if you have already closed that number and your opponent has not. So, once the number is closed, that number is no longer available for scoring points by either player.

High Score is by far the simplest of all darts sports. Every turn involved in this game is consist of three dart throws. The accrued total for all three darts constitutes the score for that turn. Also, in this darts sport, the players are required to alternate turns. After each player has had eight turns, the one who has accrued the highest total points is the winner. Unlike the other well-known darts sports, the High Score is a game perfect for amateurs and it serves as a good warm up for more advanced darters.

501, finally, is an internationally sanctioned darts sports as it is often played in tournament competitions. This game starts with every player holding a score of 501 points. The main goal here is to reach exactly zero by way of throwing rounds of three darts as well as by subtracting the accrued points of every round from the total score. Initially in this darts sport, the players try to accumulate the greatest amount of points to quickly reach zero. Once the score approaches zero, the strategy now involves how to reach exactly zero without going below it. This is actually what makes this darts sport challenging. And, to further challenge the players, the 501 requires each player to play “double out” which requires the winning player to hit a double score sin order to reach exactly zero. Obviously, having those basic rules, the 501 darts sport is a game best suited for more advanced players.