Marketing Strategy For the BMX and Sports Betting Community

One of the newest online betting ventures to hit the betting world is the sports betting company BK8. BK8 offers online betting services to clients all over the globe, with international markets in Europe and Asia being its main focus. BK8 just recently announced a major shirt sponsorship deal with English Premier League side Norwich City. This is the second major international shirt sponsorship ever to be signed by BK8, following their massive contract with the Malaysian organization Petrol Asia. Petrol Asia also represents a very popular betting exchange in China. A deal like this will not only give Norwich City fans something to cheer about on the pitch, but will also help bolster the organization’s international image and raise the team’s profile beyond the UK.

The main highlight of the Norwich City-BK8 deal is that this is the first major club sponsorship to be based out of Asia. The deal is a multi-year agreement, which makes it one of the more interesting in recent years. Norwich City is the only top flight football club to have its own betting company, so it is certainly a unique situation. Of course, the club has already made history in the UK when it was the first club to sign up to the betting exchange, now known as Betfair. This move was a long time coming, given how many other English teams had shunned the idea over the years.

According to a recent report from The Athletic, a leading sports blog, BK8’s main sponsor is Malaysia airline carrier Delta Airlines. The company’s brand is also associated with the Malaysian national soccer team, which has a long and storied history in the sport. BK8’s official website claims that the airline’s sponsorship is part of a wider push by the airline carrier “to strengthen its international partnerships and marketing strategies.” An interesting aspect of this move is the Delta connection. Not only is the airline bearing the name of one of the most well known and successful football clubs in the world (making it the envy of many), but it also happens to be associated with one of the largest betting companies in the world.

Other companies making multi-year European sponsorship deals are Italian companies DiGiorno Pizza and Reebok, which were also involved in the aforementioned Norwich City-BK8 deal. In fact, it seems as if some of these companies have pulled out all of the stops to secure these sponsorship deals. For example, Reebok has reportedly offered the Manchester City Football Club “a staggering sum” in order to secure the sponsorship. DiGiorno Pizza, in turn, has reportedly offered “the world’s most successful and richest financier,” clauses which will reportedly make the Italian company the world’s biggest pizza chain. The financial terms of the deals are, understandably, incredibly lucrative for the companies involved.

Overall, it seems as if the endorsement deals are generally not the result of any particular association between the European companies and the brands that they sponsor. Rather, it appears more likely that the success of the Asian based companies in hosting betting competitions, as well as the continued growth of their customer base in Asia, have played a major role. Despite this fact, the continued popularity of the BMX and other extreme sports across the globe is a testament to the growing global interest in online gambling. While the growth and development of these particular games and the Asian culture behind them continue to provide strong foundation for the game, the continued growth of these sports and the growth of online gambling in general are both factors that will continue to fuel the growth of the bk8 brand.

The growth of the brand will continue to fuel the success of the BMX and online sports betting across the globe. The incredible popularity of the brand is a product of the extensive global appeal of the game. This is a brand that, though it originally began as a small motorcycle racing company in the small town of Belgium, has blossomed into one of the most successful and respected brands in the world today. With a long standing history and a long list of accomplished sponsors, it is not surprising that the bk8 brand enjoys great international support. BK8 With continued growth and success, there is no doubt that the bk8 brand will continue to expand its influence and fan base across the globe.