Football is a sport that attracts billions of people every year. It’s a big part of many countries’ cultures, so it’s no wonder that gaming developers have started to incorporate football-themed themes into their games. These games give players an immersive experience that they wouldn’t get from just watching the game.

If you love football, but don’t enjoy the hassle of actually playing a match, there are plenty of ways to get involved in this exciting sport without ever having to leave your home. These games are the perfect way to get the feel of a real-life match while still having fun and potentially winning some money.

FOOTBALLKUB is a game that allows you to play as a manager of a soccer team. This game is similar to other sports management titles where you have to build your team and develop them through training and match-ups. You also have to decide which players to keep and which to release to free up funds for new salaries.

It’s a game that will definitely appeal to fans of the sport and the gameplay is surprisingly addictive, despite some serious limitations. You’ll need to spend a lot of time with the game to see what all the different training methods do for your team and it can be frustrating at times, but you’ll soon become accustomed to the various strategies and have a good idea of who will be crucial to your success.

There are lots of ways to make your squad better, and a hefty number of training cards which you can spend on different players. These cards are based on each player’s “Potential” rating, which is how much they can improve through training. A defender, for example, will need more tackling than a striker, so you’ll want to focus your attention on them and distribute the cards wisely.

Eventually, you’ll be able to start shaping your team into a top-class outfit and the game will let you know when you’ve made enough progress to take on stronger clubs in the league. You’ll have to watch each game closely and carefully analyse the performance of your team to see which strategies are working best, and you’ll need to keep adjusting the formation of your team to keep them in shape.

In addition, the game features an online ranking mode where you can compete against other players in Europe who are also using their 3DS. These automatic matches aren’t too difficult to master, but you need to be careful when deciding how aggressive you want your team to be, as you can’t change tactics once the match is in progress.

Another way to enhance your chances of success in this game is to build a strong digital fan identity. This is done by creating an avatar and owning merchandising items which you can use to unlock challenges and other special rewards.

A game that is aimed at armchair managers, FOOTBALLKUB does an excellent job of portraying the nuances of the English league system. The sprite-based visuals are cute and bouncy, and the underlying dialogue is a little over the top at times but overall it’s a delightful game that’s bound to have you hooked.