HD Brings Theater-Quality Viewing To Living Rooms

HD Brings Theater-Quality Viewing To Living Rooms

Most consumers are quick to upgrade to the latest computers, cell phones and music players as technology gets more sophisticated-but when it comes to televisions and DVD players, many viewers are still stuck in the last century.

“The analog TV system we have in the U.S. is more than 50 years old,” explains Andy Parsons, spokesman for the Blu-ray Disc Association, which is working to bring high-definition home entertainment into the mainstream. “In the next year or two, people are going to see some exciting products that will make living rooms feel like movie theaters.”

What’s driving this change? In a word, content. TV broadcasters are offering more high-definition programming via satellite and cable. And, movie studios are preparing to release their movies on high-capacity discs, such as Blu-ray discs, making it possible to buy, rent and view Hollywood favorites in high-definition. People who get to see a true HDTV setup showing the latest Hollywood blockbuster at their local electronics stores can see the difference in quality immediately.

“HDTV will catch on when people see that they can buy movies and games in the new format,” says Parsons. Movie discs using the Blu-ray format are expected to appear in stores beginning in June. Shoppers can expect to find favorite titles such as “Crash” and the “Terminator” series available, with more and more high-definition discs coming to stores throughout the summer.

The improvement in quality, Parsons says, is comparable to what viewers noticed when they switched from VHS tapes to DVDs. “When you watch a video tape today, you really notice how poor the picture is compared to your DVDs-and you don’t have the menus and all of the added features that you do with DVDs,” he explains. “The shift to HDTV and high-definition discs will be just as dramatic.”

Shoppers can expect to see discs and players with competing formats, Parsons says, and they’ll need to consider what they’re getting for their money. For instance, he explains, they should ask questions about the breadth of games, movies and other products available, so they don’t get stuck with a format with no future. Blu-ray Disc, for example, is partnering with major movie studios, music publishers and game developers, and plans to deliver the industry’s broadest range of home entertainment content. In addition, the players will play all of your existing standard-definition DVDs.

Today, it might be hard to imagine what impact the new high-definition discs and TVs will have on our home entertainment viewing. However, Parsons says, “In a few years it will be hard to remember that we once thought DVDs were the coolest movie format around.”

Watch Your Own Psp Movies

Watch Your Own Psp Movies

PSP (PlayStation Portable) was released by Sony Computer Entertainment into the U.S. markets in 2005 as a full-service, handheld entertainment system capable of delivering most every media source in a single tiny portable device. Since that time Sony has recorded sales in excess of 31 million units worldwide. Technology in the entertainment field has grown exponentially in the past two decades.

Movies are made of higher digital quality, video games are of absolute higher quality, and music is received and shared much easier with the advent of higher technology, including the Internet. Now all this is available in the palm of your hand. PSP movies, music, photos, Internet access, other video sources, and games are all compatible with the PSP system. A memory stick accessory will help to facilitate or enhance many of these features available to users.

The PSP system is constructed with a standard widescreen high resolution LCD display and stereo speakers to enjoy these many forms of media. One of the greatest sources of media to enjoy on the go is PSP movies. These can be watched by either saving the movie to the memory stick from the Internet to play through the PSP, downloading through the wireless Internet connectivity option directly into the PSP, or through a pre-recorded UMD (Universal Media Disk) movie similar to a DVD. This allows users to watch movies on their handheld device 24-hours a day, seven days a week, and anywhere they may be.

Downloading through the PSP website is extremely simple and takes only a few clicks. Many free downloads are available from the website for viewing as well, which include game demos, game trailers, and movie trailers. UMD movies are available at most stores carrying electronics. Over 430 UMD titles are in current circulation, consisting of movies and television shows. Titles available include new movies, classics, and recent television hits. Some of the titles available in UMD are Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Ice Age 2, Gridiron Gang, Open Season, The Marine, Scarface, and the Family Guy to name only a few.

To enjoy the PSP movies available, many accessories would be helpful. Headphones allow users to listen to the movie comfortably while not disturbing others while in public spaces. A remote control comes with headphones for added control of the movie experience. Car adapters and AC adapters allow for unlimited viewing without the concern of the battery running out of charge during the movie.

With hundreds of PSP movies and television shows available for download and for purchase as a UMD, this is truly a major highlight of the PSP system. The ability to watch movies on the same system you can also manage photos with, play high resolution games with, and listen to music with all from your hands is astounding. Coupled with Sony’s constant upgrading of the PSP system, software and accessories, the titles will continue to grow as will the features and benefits of the PSP. And the popularity of the PSP will grow as quickly.

How To See The Future… In 3D

How To See The Future… In 3D


How are movie theaters going to compete with DVDs, cable’s On-Demand options, and on-line sites offering movies as they are released? I will give you two characters: 3D. The wall of 3D capabilities is crashing down as new technologies are expanding the entertainment possibilities and excitement levels everywhere.

Future uses of 3D

By 2009, a surge of movies are to be released showcasing what 3D is able to do. Nearly every large movie studio and many smaller studios have at least one or two 3D movies in the works. More theaters are looking to convert their venues allowing the 3D innovations to be capitalized upon.

Existing 3D technology

Alluring, crystal-clear 3D images are already the main attractions at diverse venues. Southern California’s Aquarium of the Pacific is enjoying the technology of 3D. All audiences love 3D, regardless if the reason for their attendance is educational or entertainment.

Innovative companies have teamed up to create breakthrough technology to be used everywhere for multiple purposes. They are making 3D a great presence in museums, zoos, aquariums, theme parks, and other cinematic attractions.


There are many great advantages to 3D digital technology:

-Steady, crystal-clear images
-Non-degrading over time
-No film prints to rewind, maintain, and replace
-Maximum flexibility for theater use, preshow, and exhibit areas
-Hands free operation
-Cost effective and space efficient


DVDs, cable access, downloads, and other venues for watching movies is inspiring the movie industry to higher the bar on providing better entertainment. The answer will culminate in 3D technology.

3D technology has come a long way since its inception. The future of 3D will WOW viewers with its capabilities.

Technology is granting us the capabilities of being more entertained and bettering our ambiances. Insightful innovators are working diligently to break ceilings and raise the bar on what is possible.

Road trips are a little less fun if you have a bunch of children along for the ride

Road trips are a little less fun if you have a bunch of children along for the ride

If you’ve attended a kids’ movie at the theater lately you likely noticed how many seats were filled. Flicks for kids are really popular and there are numerous titles to choose from. It’s really too expensive to try and take your child or children to every movie out there so most parents opt to spend some of their family entertainment budget on DVDs. This is a great way to be able to share the movies with the kids and also keep them so they can be watched again and again. The same movies that you watch in your DVD player at home can be viewed on a portable DVD player.

The price range for these small entertainment treasures vary depending on the brand name and the quality. If you are using it primarily in your vehicle it’s probably a good idea to buy one on the lower end of the price scale. A portable DVD player can take some banging and dropping but as with any type of electronics it will eventually decide not to work. Some parents have found it best to purchase one for each child to hold on their laps because this saves an argument about which movie to watch first. Headphones can be bought for just a few dollars which keeps everyone’s movie to themselves and also avoids extra noise for the driver.

Cars or vans aren’t the only place they can be used though. Many families pack them along when traveling by air too. Not all airlines offer in flight entertainment anymore and if you are scheduled for a long flight, a portable DVD player can actually be used by everyone in the family. Just bring along a couple of different movies so everyone can have a choice. Remember that it is an electronic device and that means you’ll have to keep it turned off during take-off and landing.

Using it at home is certainly fine too. If you are planning on doing this often invest in an AC adapter for it. Using batteries for a portable DVD player is obviously necessary when you are out and about, but at home save money by plugging it into an electrical outlet. In a pinch you can also hook it up to your television set and use it as you would any traditional DVD player. The quality might not be as good, but you’ll likely still enjoy the movie.

You know the day is drawing near

You know the day is drawing near

I’ve heard countless diatribes from DVD renters about the widescreen feature so commonly offered with today’s movie rentals. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, DVDs typically come with a widescreen format; however, some do come with both. Now, the widescreen format is basically the movie theater picture on your television. Naturally it doesn’t fit right if you lack a wide screen television. You’ll have to settle for black bars on the top and base of your screen. Although this has never bothered me, it bothers some folks like no other. They absolutely can’t stand the “black bars.” If this is you, then you should quickly invest in a wide screen television. You might not know it, but a widescreen picture offers a definite advantage. You get more picture on your screen. Yep, just when you thought you were getting less. Wide screen is exactly that; WIDE SCREEN. Compare it to the old standard full screen sometime and you’ll see what I mean. A modern wide screen television offers more picture for your home entertainment.

It’s not like it was when they first surfaced! Wide screen televisions are not the price of a car anymore. Well actually, some still are, but many can be bought for considerably less. For around 1000 dollars, you can actually find a decent wide screen television for your family or entertainment room. That’s how low they’ve gotten. In short, it’s time to stop grappling with the hassles of full screen TVs and upgrade to the advantages of the contemporary wide screen television. Get that movie theater level of entertainment in your own home.

We all love movies! There is pretty much no denying that! We rent them constantly and view them in our spare time

We all love movies! There is pretty much no denying that! We rent them constantly and view them in our spare time

How much do you love films? Wait, let me ask you this; how often do you watch movies? Once a week? Three times a week? Once each day? I fall into the once each day category. I would say that this makes me an ardent movie viewer. After all, that makes 7 flicks a week, roughly 30 a month, and 365 a year. Dang! I need to get my priorities straight. Well, at least I view them late at night when my family is sleeping. I’m not exactly missing a lot. It’s more of a down time than anything. And, it’s a valid part of my life if you consider the fact that I write screenplays also. Anyway, back to the topic of movie downloading sites. Do you use them? No, I’m not talking about that Kaza or Kazzam.com. That illegal website that stirred so much controversy is a thing of the past. Now days there are legal movie downloading sites. You can literally get on your PC and watch a flick. Or, maybe you want to stick it on a digital versatile disk and pop it in your DVD player. There is hardly a limit to what you can do with movies now. Contemporary movie downloading sites have opened a few new doors.

Hungry for a cool new flick right now, but not willing to head over to the video store? Maybe it’s time you checked into new-age movie downloading sites. This could be the key to your entertainment fun. If you’ve already got a computer and high-speed Internet access, you can make it happen. Check out free movie downloading sites. It’s the present and future of entertainment.

Details of the Universal Entertainment Student MasterCard from Chase Application

Details of the Universal Entertainment Student MasterCard from Chase Application

For the student, the Universal Entertainment Student MasterCard from Chase is an ideal choice. Students that have good or better credit can take advantage of this rewarding credit card. You will benefit from a good amount of spending limits as well as an affordable interest rate. Yet, you also get to take advantage of the reward program offered by this Chase MasterCard.

The Benefits

The Universal Entertainment Student MasterCard from Chase provides for the first six months worth of purchases and balance transfers at an introductory rate of 0%. During this time, you will pay nothing for financing. After that time period, the APR on purchases is 17.99% variable. The APR on cash advances is at 23.99%. These are average or better rates offered. One downfall for those that select to carry a balance on their credit card from one month to the next is the method of calculating the finance charges as this credit card offers the two cycles average daily balance for calculation. There is no annual fee either.

As for rewards, you will gain here. You will earn one point per dollar spent using your credit line. In addition, you will earn 2 points per dollar spent on Universal Studios Theme Park ticket purchases. When it comes to redeeming your points, you can use them on a wide range of things from concert and movie tickets, to private movie screenings, home electronics, passes to Universal parks and many more choices. You have five years to use them before they expire but there is no limit to how much you can use. In addition, you will earn a free movie ticket with your first purchase which is valued at 900 points.

The Universal Entertainment Student MasterCard from Chase is a great way to fund those expenses at school and get something that you want back from it. It is an affordable choice and one that will pay off in a way that you feel you can be benefited.

Getting Started With Dish Network Satellite Service Is Easy

Getting Started With Dish Network Satellite Service Is Easy

Signing up for satellite TV service with Dish TV means joining thousands of satisfied customers who enjoy the best value, variety of programming, and customer service. To see why Dish Network has so many satisfied customers we need to take a look at all of the great features that come with a subscription to this service.

The programming selection with Dish Network simply can’t be beat. The value oriented DishFamily package has 40 channels including great entertainment from TV Land and Hallmark Movie as well as education from Animal Planet and Discovery Kids. The entry level America’s Top 60 Entertainment Package comes with 60 great channels including Home & Garden TV, the ABC Family Channel, Country Music Television, the Disney Channel, NASA, Nick at Nite, Spike TV, the Weather Channel, and more. America’s Top 120 Entertainment package includes everything from America’s Top 60, but adds 60 more channels including Cartoon Network, BBC America, MSNBC, Univision, WGN, and FX. America’s Top 180 Entertainment Package includes everything from 60 and 120, but brings the total up to 180 channels with Movie Channel Extra, VH1 Classic, National Geographic, SoapNet, Style, Reality TV, The Biography Channel, The Golf Channel, 4 Discovery Channels, 8 Encore movie channels, and more.

If that still doesn’t meet your TV needs you can subscribe to Dish Network’s America’s Everything Pak which is essentially America’s Top 180 Entertainment Package with the addition of 4 movie packages: Cinemax, HBO, Showtime Unlimited, and the Starz Super Pak. The Cinemax Package consists of 5 Star Max, Action Max, Cinemax (east and west), and MoreMAX. HBO has 8 variations including HB0, HB02, HB0 Comedy, HBO Family, HBO Latino, and HBO Signature. Showtime Unlimited includes FLIX, The Movie Channel Extra, Show Too, and 6 varieties of Showtime. The Starz Super Pak includes Encore and 7 variations on Starz.

If you want to expand your repertoire of programming beyond those in English, chances are that DishTV has the package for you. A variety of Spanish language packages are available including mixtures channels in Spanish and English. Great Wall TV can bring you programming in Chinese. DishTV Programming is also available in a variety of other languages including Japanese, Polish, Arabic Korean, Armenian, French, German, Hebrew, and others.

Dish TV also provides the technology you need to enjoy all of this great programming. Each Dish Network satellite receiver comes with an Electronic Program Guide which shows you what’s on television up to 9 days in the future (depending on the model). It gives you plot information, rating, and year made. It can also let you set up lists of your favorite channels so you can find what you want to watch fast without going through all of the channels that other people in your household with different tastes also like to watch. The Electronic Program Guide also lets you control what kinds of programming your children have access to with parental control locks that can block out programming based on MPAA rating, individual program, or even entire channel.

Dish Network can also help you build a more extensive home theater system to let you get the most out of your TV experience. Digital Video Recording lets you record all of your favorite programs to watch at your leisure without video tapes and the complicated programming hassles of the now obsolete VCR. DishTV can also provide you with HDTV equipment and programming so you can have the future of television in your home now.

This is the end of your search for the best home entertainment. With great programming choices and the most advanced technology, there’s never been a better time to sign up for Dish TV . Start now!

Borat: Both Sides Of The Debate

Borat: Both Sides Of The Debate

Borat is a movie that has caused a great deal of controversy. The movie is funny, but the jokes make fun of women, Jewish people, and Gays. The controversy has two sides, those who view the movie as entertainment and those who are outraged because they feel this movie gives people of all ages the impression that there is nothing wrong with having fun at the expense of others. They also feel the movie stereotypes women and Jews in a manner that is disrespectful and not true.

One of the reasons Borat has caused such as stir is because the movie is portrayed as a documentary film. Many viewers believed that it was a realistic documentary, giving more fuel to the fire regarding the information contained in it. Another view of this film is that the producer, Sacha Baron Cohen, is brilliant. Maybe the purpose behind the film is to get people to take notice of how ignorant such behaviors truly are in our society. While many feel the jokes in the movie are border line offensive, they do make people stop and take notice. Maybe it will reflect back to their own statements as well as those made by others they converse with.

Whether you make the choice to see the film Borat or not, it is likely you will hear people talking about it. Some will find it fun entertainment while others will take it as offensive material that should not be available to the public. The producer is remaining quiet about the reasons behind such a film, leaving audiences and critics to draw their own conclusions. Cohen is no stranger to developing and marketing films that the general public finds controversial. While some individuals will go see this movie because of the trailers, it is likely many viewers will see it just to find out what all the hype is about.

Movies Delivered To Your Door

Movies Delivered To Your Door

In today’s society, convenience is clearly a driving force for consumers. And now more than ever before, Americans are using the Internet to get what they want, when they want it.

In fact, in 2004 American consumers racked up $117 billion in online spending, with a fair share of that amount spent on entertainment and entertainment news.

One of the latest entertainment options – Blockbuster Online – is a new, easy-to-use online DVD rental service that can bring the movie store right to your door with just a few clicks of a computer mouse. With more than 30,000 titles to choose from, movie lovers can rent all the movies they want, from the hottest new releases to independent, special interest and hard-to-find films.

For less than $15 a month, Blockbuster Online users can rent up to three movies at a time and return them at their convenience with the provided pre-paid postage envelope. After a DVD is returned, the next title from the subscriber’s online movie queue is mailed, and will usually arrive within one to two days.

“By combining the power of the Internet, the magic of the movies and the trusted Blockbuster name, we’re offering the ultimate in home entertainment convenience at an incredible value,” said Shane Evangelist, senior vice president of Blockbuster Inc. and general manager of Blockbuster Online. “And for those times when you can’t wait for a movie to arrive in your mailbox, we offer the flexibility to rent movies and games at our stores.”

The new online DVD rental service is especially convenient for people who live in rural areas, since online access means there’s no need to drive long distances to the rental store. Busy parents and on-the-go professionals – or anyone starved for time – also have easy access to the latest and greatest releases, plus many of the classics.

“We’ve designed a service that really delivers for our subscribers,” said Evangelist. “There are no due dates, no late fees, unlimited DVDs at your disposal, and we’re the only online DVD rental service that gives each subscriber two free in-store rentals each month, good for movies or games.”