BK8 – An Introduction to the Online Casinos in Thailand

Throughout the past 3 months John Terry has frequently been a featured part of a number of BK8 s online betting promotion campaigns. For instance, Chinese New Year campaign and BK8 Thailand Songkran initiative. And recently, he was one of the main sponsors of the World Series Of Poker (WSOP) Millions campaign, which raised millions for the poor country of Thailand. bk8 เว็บตรง Here we take a brief look at how John Terry became involved in BK8s online betting venture and what the future holds for this exciting online betting company.

In late 2021 BK8 launched their first online betting game – the BK8 Thailand Card Game. This innovative online game was extremely popular with online poker players all around the world and was extremely well received by the online casinos and sports book operators in Thailand. BK8 are run by two men, Mr Mark Thompson and Mr Simon Green, and they operate out of the city of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. Their expertise is in online gambling and they have had great success with the card games. In fact Mr Thompson says that online casinos in Thailand are now second only to live casinos in terms of popularity. Their aim is to go on to develop other games too like the virtual slots and roulette.

But before you start to play any online sports betting game, it’s highly recommended that you try out their free game trials first, and the World Series of Poker is certainly an option you could try out. They have live casino games for every one of their games including the No-Limit Hold’em, the Texas Hold’em, and the Draw Poker. On top of these live casino games, BK8 also offers online chat facilities for its users. During the chat you can get to know more about the betting system, the team, the coaching and the other important information that could help you decide whether this could be the right place for you.

Now if you’re interested in the minimum deposit feature, then we advise that you visit their official website for a detailed explanation of the minimum deposit requirement and instructions on how to make the required payments. Apart from the online chat facility, they also provide the facility of writing the sportbooks online and they are available for all sports books. Their online service is very efficient since they offer help as per your convenience. For example, you can either use the online form to make a payment or you can call their customer support and talk to them by simply enquiring.

With the help of the online live chat facility, you can talk to the BK8 team members at any time. Their support people are always ready to cater to all your needs. However, while playing in the online casino games, make sure that you follow the rules and regulations. If you are not sure about something, don’t hesitate to contact their customer support, so that they can assist you, but remember, never try to run away from your losses.

Before you start playing in the online casinos, make sure that you are familiar with the software that is being used in the website. If you know what to do, then you can definitely enjoy yourself. However, if you are not comfortable with the software, then it would be better if you leave the game and look for another one.