An Introduction to LottoVIP

LottoVIP is an innovative concept of online lottery and it is a great alternative to classic Lotto Max. Simply type in your lotto numbers in the provided form and check if you have won. You can also choose to scan over the daily lottery results with a QR code. It’s so easy and conveniently available that it can’t be wrong. If any features on the LottoVIP 2564 aren’t working, then please contact immediately.

The LottoVIP offers all the usual features of the normal Lotto Max games. Thai people prefer this online lottery service because they can play for free. You will find numerous websites offering free registration or low cost sign-up bonuses. Lotto offers an excellent return on investment (ROI) after the prizes are won and if you’re lucky enough then you can win big jackpots too. Many Thais are playing and winning the online lotto game because it is easy, convenient and fun.

The LottoVIP website has some unique features which sets it apart from other online lottery services offered in Thailand. The users can track their winning streak and win relevant amounts through a customized interface. The interface allows the user to see the winning number, winning time and the total number of bids being made. Other features of LottoVIP include the following – Automatic withdrawal of winnings due to the presence of direct transfer feature from the users bank account to the user’s bank account, an integrated currency converter, the ability to place bet using PayPal, the ability to place multiple bets at once and a detailed statistics section which provides data such as current and past winning numbers, the highest bids won, average amount won, etc. The last 3 months and last three day are also shown as part of the statistics section.

Like most things Thai, the lottovip trend is changing. The Thais are now starting to play the game more and according to a recent survey the number of people who play lotto online has increased by 500%. Some of the reasons for this are the low prize money, better online facilities, ease of use and variety of games available. There is also the option to play for real money with actual cash or with credit card payments through the secure payment gateway of LottoVIP.

To play for real money you need to login with your LottoVIP account and choose how much money you want to bet and then select the numbers or symbols to place a bet on. Each number or symbol that is picked will be sent to the website’s host where it is converted into a floating point number. lottovip From there all the winning bets are processed and the amount wins. However, in the last three months LottoVIP have added a new feature to their betting system called the ‘Last three Racing nights’. This is a special offer to reward customers for their continued support and they offer a special prize for the person who becomes the first ever winner of the LottoVIP.

This system works exactly like the traditional betting system but instead of betting with credits you now bet using points instead. LottoVIP uses a special number generator which is used to randomly select a number and then the points are transferred to the players account by direct debit. As the system works the points are added up to reach the final result. The latest changes to LottoVIP are designed to make the game even more exciting for players and as the system becomes more popular more exciting options are being added including the ‘Last three Racing nights’ and’million pound jackpot’ games.