The Key to a Successful Business

The Key to a Successful Business

Where would a business be without a business plan? A business plan sets the course for the future of the business. It gives the business owner or manager a sense of direction, listing the objectives and goals of the business from the outset.
Writing a business plan requires a lot of time; a successful business plan cannot be a rush job. Once an idea for a business has been developed, researching the many facets of owning and operating a business is the next most important step. Your local county council should be able to assist you with accessing the required information of a legal nature, as should your local business enterprise center. The rest of the research will be up to you! You will need to research products for your business, at the same time as researching other enterprises that may be in direct competition to you. Furthermore, you need to research the market to determine whether there is a need for your business product or service.
With the research out of the way, sitting down to write a business plan requires focus. Your business plan will become the bible of your business for at least the next 3 to 5 years so it is important to make it clear, concise and comprehensive. Most enterprises will complete a SWOT analysis to determine their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the business. Whilst the business is in infancy, brainstorming would be the most accurate way of performing the analysis, as the business would not yet have customers and profitability would not yet have been experienced. However, it is very important to remember that a good business plan is flexible and can be changed as your business experiences growth.
After completing a SWOT analysis, you will need to determine your business name if it has not already been decided (and register it), as well as your vision and values, your business goals and long term mission and how you will achieve all of this when the business is up and running. Writing every thought down regardless of how minute you feel it is will allow you to collate everything pertinent to your business for easy reference in the future. Who knows, the thought or idea that you have today may well turn into a million dollar idea in a years time! Maintaining good records and following a strong business plan is the key to a successful business!

Whatever Happened To…

Whatever Happened To…

There are certain props in entertainment that you never forget. They become so much of your life and your heart that the mere memory of them calls up visions, feelings and scenes to play over and over in your head. Those are the movie props that transcend just the need to collect and be put in someone’s vault at the MGM studios, but are important enough that everyone should know where they are. These items aren’t just part of a picture; they are part of our common heritage, our culture and our joy. But, where are they?

There’s No Place Like Home

Ask anyone who saw the 1939 version of the Wizard of Oz what is the most vivid image they remember and they will tell you one of two things: The witch scrawling “Surrender Dorothy” in the sky, or the brilliant red ruby slippers tapping their heels as Dorothy remembers there is no place like home. Where are the slippers now? There were 6 pairs of slippers made for the movie, 5 of them for Judy Garland and one made for a stunt double. Of the actual 5 for the movie, one set resides in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC and are available for public view. Three other pairs have changed hands many times and been auctioned repeatedly (one selling at Christie’s auction house in 2000 for $666,000) and now belong to private collectors. One pair was stolen from the Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids, Minnesota and remains at large.

The Black Bird

Sam Spade, everyone’s favorite private eye took to the streets of San Francisco looking for the Maltese Falcon and some folks have been wondering where it is ever since. There was originally only one Maltese falcon made for the production but it was dented in filming and several resin falcons were produced to finish production. The original falcon is on display in the Warner Brother’s museum and available for viewing. 4 other falcons are privately owned and displayed at various venues. At one time its auction price of nearly $386,000 was one of the highest paid in the world. In February of 2007 the official replica of the falcon used in publicity stills was stolen from the second floor vault of a San Francisco restaurant where it was being displayed.


Charles Foster Kane lay on his opulent death bed wanting Rosebud. The mystery of its identity consumed the movie Citizen Kane, considered by many to be one of the best films ever produced. As we watch Charles Kane start out with good intentions and end a rich, morally bankrupt egoist we too can’t image what Rosebud might be. At the very end we are rewarded and humbled to know it was simply his boyhood sled a symbol of the innocence he had which was thrown into a fire. There were three sleds made for the movie, but two of them were destroyed by fire for the filming of the pivotal scene. The third Rosebud is owned by a private collector who paid $60, 500 for it in 1982. There is a solace in knowing the collector is someone likely to take very good care of it, and leave it to the legacy of film when the time comes. The collector is none other than Steven Spielberg.

Movie props go overlooked by movie goers all the time. But when they themselves become characters, it’s good to know they have found good homes.

The Right Way to Become an Internet Marketing Consultant

The Right Way to Become an Internet Marketing Consultant

Internet marketing is a lucrative business. There are many individuals who are earning substantial revenues by just selling their products or services over the Internet while at the same time endorsing the products or services of other Internet marketers. Revenues are flowing out of different outlets—through affiliate programs, direct product selling, or offering Internet marketing-related services.

With several features such as round-the-clock operability, opportunity of widening clientele base, and low starting costs, it is not surprising that the Internet marketing industry is now full of mushroom businesses owned and operated by novices who are eager to share the wealth of this lucrative industry. However, in order to grab a slice of wealth offered by Internet marketing, you must bear the stiff competition over the market. In this stiff competition, Internet marketers who possess the knowledge and capability on this type of investment will win the game.

The rule of the Internet marketing game is simple: learn the rules and apply necessary marketing strategies in order to win the game. Though you have several websites that are easy to navigate and contain useful features such as complete inventory listings as well as shopping cart facilities, if it is unable to generate generous amount of traffic, your Internet marketing career will be a total failure.

To avoid reaching possible career failure, it is important that you seek the help of an Internet marketing consultant. One of their business objectives is to provide their clients the necessary strategies or possibly handle the situation by themselves in terms of generating web traffic to their clients’ sites. This can be done through various ways such as affiliate marketing programs, web page optimization, web content development, or pay per click advertising. Even though as an Internet marketer, you are familiar with the aforementioned marketing concepts, you need sufficient time and expertise to apply it to your Internet marketing business. To fill up the gap, an Internet marketing consultant has the capability of applying the necessary strategies to build essential web traffic that will result in increased sales and generated revenues.

In case you have the knowledge and technical expertise about Internet marketing, you may also consider the career of an Internet marketing consultant aside from being an Internet marketer. If you have the marketing background and such is proven to be effective for other Internet marketing business, you may serve as a consultant to other Internet marketers, especially the new ones.

To be a successful Internet marketing consultant, you need to conduct an “inventory” of your Internet marketing skills and knowledge. You start by figuring out your strengths and determine what particular areas of Internet marketing you are weak. From such information, you will be able to construct a plan that will help educate yourself and improve your weak points. Begin by working out in your weaknesses and consistently testing it to determine if you have improved or not. Once you have developed your skills and you feel that you can go on, you are now ready to embark the career of being an Internet marketing consultant.

Once you are now in the field, always prepare because you will deal with numerous clients of varying needs. You will be able to meet complete novices as well as seasoned veterans on the Internet marketing industry. If you have come across clients who knew nothing about the business and ask you to take charge, you will have to take them under your wing. As a consultant, it is your responsibility to provide your clients their needs, whether they are complete novices or marketing gurus.

Start your consultant career on one or two areas of expertise. You may specialize on search engine optimization, newsletter writing, and other Internet marketing strategies. Identify the niche which you are strong with and make sure that you are regularly updated about any developments on those particular areas of expertise. You may also try concentrating on “hot niches” by typing your question on major search engines and see what comes after.

Being an Internet marketing consultant has the responsibility he needs to bear on serving the marketing needs of his clients. However, it takes common sense, solid knowledge, and enjoyment on what you are doing in order to help other Internet marketers in the long run. If you think you have the edge over a certain aspect, you can always go to that consultant direction. All of these are really up to you to think about.

Bizarre Facts About Premium Bonds

Bizarre Facts About Premium Bonds

Premium bonds marked their fiftieth anniversary in November 2006. They have been the most popular form of investment in British history. Premium bonds are bought and kept by over 40% of Great Britain’s populations. Where traditional investments yield a small return over time, premium bonds yield no return at all but give the investor a chance to win a monthly lottery. This popular investment strategy have made millionaires out many British citizens and at the same time provided the investors that didn’t win a secure place to save their money and help out the national treasury. They have the option of pulling out the money at any time without loss. Here are some bizarre facts that surround these popular bonds.

From its conception until the late eighties there was even a beauty contest to celebrate the premium bonds program. The National Saving and Investment agency, the department in charge of the bond program, held an annual Miss Premium Bond competition in which employees of the agency entered during the annual Civil Service Sports and Social Club Day held in Lytham St. Annes. Just like regular beauty pageants, the competitors would walk down the catwalk flaunting their looks and style. They would smile politely to the judges and then answer questions related to the pageant. No other investment company has ever sponsored such an event.

Similar to the American lottery there has been some weird stats derived from the program. Similarities from the statistics include that Hannah is the most frequent name that has won a premium bonds lottery and Sean was the most frequent male name. The ten top readers were all female except for one. Some winners don’t even claim their prizes. There is an unclaimed prize for twenty five thousand pounds waiting patiently for the owner to claim. There are also more than five hundred thousand pounds stored at the agency just waiting for somebody to come and take it home.

There are even conspiracy theories that call the premium bonds program a scam. There are people who will cash in their bonds and then buy new them so that they will have modern numbers. The first bond ever bought is still in the system, but these people believe that only new numbers will be generated from ERNIE the famous number generating machine.

Other conspiracy theorists have come up with ideas that the machine is prejudiced to what region of Great Britain the winners will be chose from. One man in Wales even has said that the bonds were rigged because Wales had the fewest amount of winners. What he failed to realize was that fewer people in Wales bought premium bonds and that naturally the statistics would favor a larger buying population.

As there is winners there are also losers. You can’t really loose because the bonds are cashed in at the same amount they were bought at. One gentleman reported that he had never won in twenty years. He states he has even stopped looking at the monthly numbers. He could be one of the people who has never claimed the over five hundred thousand pounds that have never claimed.

Online Gambling Rules

Online Gambling Rules

If you are considering online gambling, you will want to know the basic rules associated with online gambling casinos. The rules for gambling casinos are fairly simple and once you understand how online gambling works, you can begin to gamble right from the comfort of your own home! There are several common online gambling rules you will need to follow:

– Firstly, You must be of legal age in your jurisdiction. You cannot open an account or play at an online casino if you are under 18 years of age.

– Secondly, to partake in online gambling, you may require special software. Many online casinos require that you download various programs. Thus, be sure to check the compatibility of your computer with such programs.

– Thirdly, many casinos require that you create an account and make an initial deposit so that you can play. Be sure to review the method of payments an online casino accepts. Also, be sure to read all of the rules associated with depositing your money.

– Fourthly, if you are interested in various bonuses or promotions offered by online gambling sites, be sure to read all of the terms and conditions associated with such bonuses. The percentages that you can receive in terms of winning are based on such rules.

– Fifthly, in terms of gaming, many online casinos vary in their rules. Some online gambling sites set game rules based on American playing rules while others focus on the European guidelines for games. Thus, before engaging in any online gambling, be sure to familiarize yourself with the gaming rules. If in doubt as to which set of rules to follow, please ask the online casino staff for assistance.

– Finally, when you do win, it can be very exciting! Nevertheless, there are rules also associated with how and when you can withdraw your winnings. Therefore, carefully review the rules of any online gambling site before you begin to play!

Can You Really Make Easy Money On The Internet?

Can You Really Make Easy Money On The Internet?

Many times when doing a search for make easy money a search engine will bring up results that have pages leading to things like get paid to read email, or get paid to surf the internet and click on ads. Although this is easy to do, but the problem is you never really make any money doing it!
The internet dictionary defines easy money as money obtained readily, with little effort and, often, illegally. Winning the lottery is a way to make easy money. We would all love to do it and very few of us ever will!
I think it is actually time to get real here. It is probably easier to make money working hard then it is hard to make money working easier. Think about that for a minute. The internet has redefined how hard it is to make money. At least physically that is. You will not break a sweat building a website, putting top quality products on it, and marketing your website all over the internet.
This truely is making easy money after you get it all set up and running smoothly. But to be fair it is hard to get a system in place to get a profit pulling website up and running. The nice thing is after you get a system in place that works for you making money on the internet is the easiest money you will ever make.
Making easy money comes down to one thing and that is getting a system in place that automates your money making efforts and leaves you to become good at one thing… your website.
If you would like to get a system already put together that will provide most of what you need to make money on the internet easily then you will want to look here:
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You will get your own money making website customized with products people actually want and use. All of the money is collected online so you do not have to be the bank or cashier. This certainly helps you make money easy without having to do all of the steps yourself.
Another thing you get is your own pre-written internet marketing newsletter personalized as though it is written by you for 400 days. How easy is that. Now you can publish your own ezine without writing a single word. You will need to learn how to get subscribers and to follow-up with periodic sales offers, but even training on that is provided.
One last thing that helps you make money easy with this program is marketing the program itself. Do you think you could find other people who would like their own website and newsletter set up in 3 easy steps. If so you will be paid handsomely in residual income on everything from hosting, and product sales to referral bonuses and monthly contests.
As you begin making money easily on the internet you will want to expand your efforts and make even more money in other areas. With this program you control everything about it and you can make easy money over an over anyway you like.

The Settlers of Catan

The Settlers of Catan

The Settlers of Catan was developed under Mayfair Games and is the original game under the Catan Series. The game involves building cities, roads and settlements where players get to work in developing their civilizations. Movements of players are determined by the rolls made on the dice and also provide the players on the kind of resources that each island will produce. The players will then have to use these resources and create their own civilization. First player to achieve 10 victory points wins the game. The game lasts for around an hour and a half and is intended for kids aged 10 and up. The rules of the game are indicated on an almanac booklet with around four pages of illustrated and straightforward guidelines. There is also a map so beginners can follow the layout of the islands. At the beginning of the game, the players will need to take out the die-cut components first.
Settlers of Catan is played on a board with 19 terrain hexes which produces different resources for the players which will be determined according to the roll of the dice. Due to the variables from the dice, the layout of the game tiles will inevitably change and thus, no two games are very much alike. Players can also trade resources with other players. Some development cards are also used to rob off pieces from other players or help them develop strategies throughout the game. The winner of the game would be the one who collects the first ten 10 victory points. Victory points can also be earned through the use of victory point development cards. In the box, players can find 19 terrain hexes, six sea frame pieces, nine harbor pieces, 18 circular tokens, 16 cities, 60 roads, 20 settlements, two dice, robber, 126 game cards and an almanac booklet and rules guide.
• Settlers of Catan is considered as the best-selling Game of the Year.
• Engaging for kids and adults, gamers and non-gamers.
• The outcome of the game is different every time since the resources and the movement probability are dependent on the nature of the dice roll.
• Every game is a unique and exciting experience.
• Expansions in the original game (sold in separate sets) can be incorporated in the original game which allows additional players and a whole new aspect to Settlers of Catan.
• Pieces are durable and sturdy.
• The pieces are held together in a vacuum box to avoid getting lost from the entire set.
• Simple rules which can be made complex and exciting due to the aspects of strategy.
• Encourages interaction among other players due to the trading aspects of the game.
• Require three to four players, although the extensions allow a higher number of players.
• Setting up and cleaning up after can take time.
• Expansions, which are sold separately, are quite costly.
Gamers and non-gamers of board games from all ages will love Settlers of Catan. The game’s rules are pretty much simple, light and straightforward but its flexible concept makes the game complex depending on the strategies used by the players. The game has an intelligent design which allows a unique experience for players every time the game is played since the course changes on every game. Board gamers have considered Settlers of Catan as their first introduction to the world of intense and strategic board game.
For young kids, Settler of Catan is a great way to while away time, develop rational and strategic reasoning, investing and trading negotiations while experienced players get to develop their skills and harness their techniques which might be relevant regardless of the current condition of the game tiles. What makes Settlers of Catan perfect for everyone is that the game’s rules are really simple for beginners and yet the aspects of the game still make it complex and exciting for pro-gamers.

Things To Get Started In Gambling Business

Things To Get Started In Gambling Business

Gambling is one of the lucrative gaming activities in the society today. It is lucrative in the sense that it renders endless possibilities for a businessman to earn more money.

This is where the reality sinks in, that, in gambling, the only person who gains from it is the business man or the owner of the gambling business. This is because people who play gambling games usually end up losing more as they continuously try their luck by adding more bets and risking more money, and even property.

With this fact, no wonder why more and more people are resorting to put up a gambling business, especially now that the Internet is incessantly growing at breakneck speed.

Moreover, with the advent of the Internet, setting up a gambling business online is relatively easy. Best of all, you don’t just get to earn more money but get to penetrate the industry faster and even better because of the wide diversity that the Internet can cover.

No wonder why in the United States alone, commercial casinos have accumulated almost $29 billion in just a year of gross revenue.

In fact, commercial casinos are prevalent in the US nowadays. There are currently 28 states that have Indian casinos, 11 have commercial casinos, and 40 states have lotteries. All in all, the US has 445 commercial casinos.

So for people who want to start gambling business, especially those online, here’s how:

1. If a person wants to start an online gambling business, it is important to get the needed items first. The most important thing of all is the software. Be informed that this costs millions of US dollars. This goes to show that people who want to start an online gambling business must be really rich.

2. Whether online or not, starting a gambling business needs an approval from the government. This goes to show that the gambling business being put up is legal and conforms to the rules and regulations set up by the law.

3. For online gambling business, it is a must that the owner has to be a licensee of an online gambling software provider. In this way, the business owner will be able to receive the necessary equipments and software needed in the online gambling business.

Indeed, gambling business can be very lucrative, especially if it is a legal one. And just like any businesses, proper management is the key element in order to succeed in the industry.

Grand Casino Biloxi

Grand Casino Biloxi

18/402 = 4.47%

Grand Casino Biloxi

Grand Casino Biloxi is a stationary boat Casino located in Biloxi, Mississippi. Grand Casino Biloxi is open 24 hours daily, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Grand Casino Biloxi is regarded as the biggest casino in the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Grand Casino Biloxi is where you can find the highest limits, biggest paybacks, best odds anywhere in the United States. Grand Casino Biloxi has a floor area of 134,200 square foot with more than 2,800 slots and 89 table games conveniently spread out all over the place. Grand Casino Biloxi is located at the very heart of Biloxi’s Casino Row. And have fifteen restaurants and a hotel with 875 rooms to cater to guests and player alike.

Blackjack (21) is one the various games simultaneously played at Grand Casino Biloxi. Grand Casino Biloxi has three variations of Blackjack to give you more gaming options. These include Single Deck 21, Double Deck 21 (dealt by hand) and Multiple Deck 21 (dealt from a box called “the shoe”). The main rule in Blackjack though does not vary and that is every player must play against the dealer. Playing blackjack at Grand Casino Biloxi is quite simple. It’s the strategy of the player that makes the game complex.

Three Card Poker is another game played at Grand Casino Biloxi. It is a variation of poker. You only need 3 cards to determine your hand and to make a straight. In Grand Casino Biloxi three card pokers a straight is higher than a flush.

Another promo of Grand Casino Biloxi is the free slot play. This is available every time you play the slot machines. Baccarat at Grand Casino Biloxi is considered at the most popular casino in Europe and Latin America. Baccarat is actually the simplest table game there is. Despite the fact that many people associate it with glamour. Grand Casino Biloxi also offers another poker game called Let-it-Ride stud poker. Players do not play against the dealer or other players. Wheel of fortune in Grand Casino Biloxi, players place their wages in a corresponding box. Players make these wagers by placing their chips in the corresponding boxes. Grand Casino Biloxi also offers craps. This game dates back to the Roman Empire. This is the ultimate dice game.

Grand Casino Biloxi is conveniently located in Mississippi Gulf is one of the most exciting gaming area in the entire Mississippi.

How to Manifest a ‘Magic Money’ Mindset

How to Manifest a ‘Magic Money’ Mindset

1.Forget everything you think you know about reality and how it works. As it is there are many spiritual laws to manifesting that works synergistically with each other. You can manifest money more quickly when you learn the recipe. It’s like baking a cake you won’t make the cake with only one ingredient would you? As you understand the nature of reality and money you can master the flow that comes to you with very little effort. Open your mind to the greater possibilities of reality

2. Stop making money your God or slave driver. Most people feel terrified of money. Although they want it they place themselves beneath money and allow money to rule their mental and emotional state. Anything which you place above you controls your existence. The moment you cease to make a thing important it looses its power over you. Then your ability to manifest more money will increase by leaps and bounds. Key is like the boogie man. Its like the Universe as placed a test for you to see if you will discover that money is not needed to have what you want. The moment you discover this secret insight, your ability to manifest money increases by leaps and bounds. Whenever you let go of your fear for a thing suddenly it becomes your friend and allies.

3. You are the first source of money. No matter what anyone tell you, money does not come from others. Money first comes though you at a subatomic level, then flows thought others and back to you. There is a cycle in creating money but know that that cycle stats with you and only you. If your desire is to get a raise or increase your sales you cannot rely on your boss or anyone to give it to you. You must first create that money at a deeper level before it can surface. And, you must give of that money in the form or symbols of a thing or service in order for it to come back to you as either money or the things you want.

Can you allow yourself to contemplate these three points? If you diver deeper into each with an earnest desire to understand each point you will immediately unplug more limiting believes about money. Manifesting money is certainly quite easy if you allow yourself to examine your present outlook.