Art Collecting as a Home Business

Art Collecting as a Home Business

When we think of art collectors, we generally think of wealthy sophisticates combing glamourous fine art galleries for the hottest new painter’s works. That may have been true in the past, but today there are many online art collectors who make a good living without ever visiting a brick and mortar art gallery.
Today a small movement has begun where average people are buying fine art online, holding it for a year or more, and earning a profit from resale. And what’s interesting is that almost all of these new online collectors have never had any experience with fine art beforehand. These savvy folks are buying limited edition fine art prints on canvas, printed in the expensive giclee process. Each one of these prints is so close to the original that only an expert can tell the difference.
These beautiful prints come with certificates that are signed by the artist and numbered. Once the limited edition sells out, it is common for the print to increase in value as much as 2-4 times the original price.
All an online art collector has to do is to visit a million dollar art gallery via the internet and learn about the various hot new artists, see their current offerings, and learn which artists are selling the most prints. Then with a couple clicks the online art collector can purchase a limited edition print at a 20% discount from what the print is selling for at retail. They buy a print with a 20% profit built in! No brick and mortar gallery means lower overhead.
The works of some artists sell out incredibly fast, making it easy to make a quick profit.
Where do these online art collectors sell their sold out art prints, you might ask. The biggest online galleries have built in a resale market. Three times a year the online collectors gather to buy and sell fine art that they own.
Now, nobody can guarantee how much profit a sold out print will make. But you should make a good profit if you choose wisely and the edition sells out quickly. And while you are waiting for the print to sell out, you’ll have wonderful fine art to grace your walls.
If you are looking for a fun and profitable home business, and a way to surround yourself with beautiful fine art, you should consider becoming an online art collector.

Career Options

Career Options

The ultimate road trip to career success is to start exploring career options that are in demand. It’s important to acquire a good education and discover jobs that meet your skills, personality, and aptitude. If you’re just not sure in which direction to go, start with a free online career test, such as or to find your dream job. The Riley Guide, at, is also a good resource which guides you through various steps to evaluating yourself and your career options, in addition to career and occupational guides, what to do with a major in any given area, choosing a career path, changing careers, and planning and managing your career. Lots of great information is featured from the federal government and its agencies, including the Department of Education and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If you’re a nurse, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, respiratory therapist, pharmacist, medical imager, physical therapist, occupational therapist, or speech-language pathologist, visit Career Options at, which features links to healthcare related positions across the country. For instance, provides services to the nursing industry placing registered nurse and nurse management candidates in permanent, temporary, and travel positions throughout the United States. Nurse Options offers free information on advertised and unadvertised employment opportunities, and this service is available to new graduates as well as experienced registered nurses. A link to Absolutely Health Care at is another resource for job postings in one hundred different health care categories.

For the ultimate road trip to career success, check out the career options featured by USA.Gov’s Career Voyages at, for good jobs, better pay, and a brighter future. This site has lots of good information on what careers are in demand, high growth industries, emerging industries, and much more. Whether you’re a student, a parent, a career advisor, or looking to change careers, this is a good place to start. As you can see, career options are vast with endless possibilities that can put you on the path to professional success. Take your time and do your research; choose a career that you can not only make money at, but that you will enjoy as well. Not everyone can say they love their job, but this is more than a job, it’s your career, your future. It may be a bit overwhelming at first, but once you get going, everything will fall into place, and all you’ll be able to think about is what the future may hold!

EZG88 Review

EZG88 is the leading online casino brand that offers secure, fair, and fraud-free games for both newbies and professionals. They’re regulated and licensed for players in Malaysia and are dedicated to the safety of their members online. They also offer fast and efficient deposit and withdrawal services.

They offer a wide variety of casino games, including slots, sports, and live casino. All their games are supervised by a team of trained professionals who are committed to keeping their players safe. They respect gambling rules and age restrictions, and are committed to delivering a top-notch real money gaming experience.

เวป eazy gaming 88 is always available to answer your questions and resolve your problems quickly and efficiently. ’ll find a friendly and helpful customer agent at your disposal every day of the year, so you can always enjoy the best gambling experience possible with EZG88.

You can play your favorite games from the comfort of your own home, or from any location you have an internet connection. The website’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to find your favorite games, and you can get started right away. Whether you’re looking for classic favorites or the latest trending titles, you’ll find them at EZG88.

A Photography Career

For those who love photography, you may want to start a career in the photograph business and it might be perfect for you and your life right now. There are three different areas of photography such as, general, commercial, and advertising. You will find that most people will go into the area that best interests them and sometimes it is just in general photography. You will find that if you get some formal training in photography, you will be able to experience a lot of success when it comes to commercial or advertising photography. No matter how much experience you might have with taking pictures, when you take the classes or training program you may be able to learn something new about the art of photography. Many of the courses that you will focus on you will be able to focus on the business end of the field. You will be able to decide if you would like to join an existing company or start up your own company. You will also be able to find your niche in the photography market.

General photographers are most commonly the ones who own their own business and work from home. Many photographers in general photo field, they do not use the job as their sole income, and they will not have a storefront most of the time.. Some of the things general photographers shoot includes weddings, senior portraits, and family pictures. General photography will help you to do some freelance work. You will be able to do freelance work for mostly commercial businesses, but the majority of their time will be spent building business relationships with people in the community and clients.

As for commercial photographers, they will work in a different filed of business. Instead of working for the community, commercial photographers do work for companies. This includes doing work for catalogues, newspapers, architectural businesses, and other corporations that need photographs taken. They may be part of the company staff or they may just be freelance photographer and work by contract. Freelancers generally have more flexible schedules, but cannot rely on a steady paycheck like staff photographers. Most commercial photographers specialize in a specific area, such as food or exterior architecture.

Advertising photographers will help a company to advertise. They will find a hard time breaking into this part of the job field, but they will also be able to get high rates of exposure when they do hit into the market. They will have their name in magazines, TV shows, and even billboards. They may also be about to get their name in other media channels. When it comes to advertising, it is very difficult for anyone to get into the field. You will have to learn how to climb the corporate ladder to find the success that you are looking for. Before you start your career as a professional photographer, you will want to realize that it will take a lot of time for dedication to earn your money.

California Indian Casino

California Indian Casino

KWD : 26/466 = 5.57%

California Indian Casino

California Indian Casino is an important political issue in California for the past decade. California Indian Casino being a gaming tribe is not subject to state laws but by federal laws. California Indian Casino has the most number of gaming tribes in all states with 43 of them. California Indian Casino generated California additional revenue of 17.2 per cent. It was pegged at $2.92 billion in 2001 and increased to $3.43 billion in 2002. California Indian Casino became active in the political arena with the increase in their revenues. California Indian Casino donated large sums of money to both Democratic and Republican candidates. As more and more California Indian Casino is established, debates and issues about California Indian Casino are also mounting. The focus of debates on California Indian Casino is the amount of taxes they should pay whether state or federal, who should bear the cost of environmental clean up, preventing crime and life quality in nearby communities. The huge budget deficit in 2003 forced Gov. Gray Davis to call all California Indian Casino to donate %1.5 billion to balance the books.

The card room industry by California Indian Casino has for many years been played under strict boundaries. But what the California Indian Casino is angling for is to be allowed the operation of slot machines. Slot machines are the missing ingredients that will make California Indian Casino highly competitive to Nevada gaming industry. Despite being banned in California, California Indian Casino have offered slot machines in their casinos.
State officials could not seize the slot machines because they do not have criminal jurisdiction over California Indian Casino. Only the federal government has the right to enforce the law and confiscate the slot machines on California Indian Casino. On of the California Indian Casino operators that did not offer slot machines negotiated with California Gov. Pete Wilson to conduct casino-style gaming on California Indian Casino. The tribe believes that California Indian Casino should be allowed to operate on a “parimutuel” system. What the California Indian Casino is aiming for is to compete not for the entire pot of the slot machines but just a portion of it. Those non-tribal that are engage in gaming interests are rooting for this change since it would redound to their benefit later on. If the California Indian Casino were allowed the use of “parimutuel” system, it won’t be long that they be allowed to do the same. Since, it would be unfair if their California Indian Casino tribal counterparts have games that are not found in theirs.
California Indian Casino is waiting for the development of their case with eager anticipation. With California Indian Casino active drive, it would probably be not long that slot machines will finally be allowed in all California Indian Casino.

Jaguar E-Type : The Classic

Jaguar E-Type : The Classic

In the past, Jaguar, high class cars from England had small-sized and active features and high performance were favorable. Their appearance looked sedan and suited the passengers who loved to get anywhere in a group. They thought that there were many playboy millionaires, and if they were to produce a sport-car model, they could have marketed quite well. At least, Jaguar had built its good reputation from the racing cars for a very long time, especially Le Mans 24 hours.

A lot of people said that Jaguar’s sport series which began to be known well and were affordable could be XK series. XK 120 in the year 1948, followed up by XK 140 in 1955, and became XK 150 in 1957. They used quite modern engines that their competition had not known. Modernization, streamline that made a big positive impact on sport cars drivers, curved doors, and roadsters were the real style of sport cars.

Jaguar made its reputation in the Le Mans race course by a car that had been showed in 1954, D-TYPE, which was 3.4liters, 245 horsepower. The initial production was considered extremely fast. Moreover, it was empowered by making it 270 horsepower for racing, and that made it three-years-in-a-row champion in 1955-1957. There would not be anyone who would not wish the dignity of Le Mans’ championship sport cars which later was extended to 3.8liters, 306 horsepower. It competed in United States and made so big impact on sport cars guru that made a newer model to drive in a street.

The manufacturer decided to make them sport series, and not involved with normal cars except the engines and systems used together in order to reduce the cost of production. Therefore, E-TYPE Jaguar was influenced by XK series and D-TYPE. It was officially debuted in 1961, taking over XK 150, and completing the new full sport style, which was the long front and short end according to the classic style sport cars.

The appearance of E-TYPE is brilliant like Italian sport cars. At the beginning, it had been decided to name as XK-E, but eventually was E-TYPE, which seemed more okay and newer than old XK series that had been used for many models. It had been decided to be 3.8liters, twin cam, then later on extended to be 4.2liters in order to make it right for the size of the cars. The 3.8 liters one had been eventually stopped, until 1971 it was given a new 5.3liters, V12 engine in order to be an alternative choice for customers who were interested in pretty big block. The 4.2liters one’s production was terminated in 1974.

If you would like to own this model, you may need to consider if you are a millionaire or not because this kind of classic cars cannot be found at any car dealers. If you would really want it, you should check it out from a catalogue of car auctioning company. You might be that lucky that someone would sell it.

Supercross Racing Fans: Support Your Favorite Rider

Supercross Racing Fans: Support Your Favorite Rider

Do you know where football, baseball, or NASCAR would be today if it weren’t for their fans? Honestly, they probably wouldn’t be anywhere. In all sports, the fans are, essentially, what makes the sport so popular. The same can be said for supercross motorcycle racing. Although supercross motorcycle racing is an action packed sport all on its own, without the fans it might not be as popular as it is today, let alone even still exist. If you are a fan of supercross motorcycle racing, or any other sport for that matter, you need to keep this in mind.

Since it is the fan support that keeps many sports going, including supercross motorcycle racing, you need to do everything in your power to keep your favorite sport alive. For many fans, this is already being done, but for others it isn’t. Whether you are a new supercross motorcycle racing fan or an occasional fan, you are encouraged to get out there and support the sport as a whole, as well as your favorite rider. The rewards will be unlimited.

If you are interested in supporting the supercross sport, as a whole, the first step would be to attend events. Supercross motorcycle racing is like a number of other racing circuits, they travel. Each year, there are a number of different supercross events taking place, all across the United States. If you are located near one of those events, you are encouraged to attend it. Not only will you be able to see a night or day full of excitement, but will you also be supporting the sport, as well as your favorite rider. The more fans that come to see a race, the better the chance are that races will continue on at that location. In addition to continued races at a specific venue, a high fan interest may also spark the development of new supercross racing venues.

As nice at it would be to watch a live supercross motorcycle race, in person, not everyone is able to. If you are unable to attend a supercross motorcycle race, you can still support the sport. You can do this by watching televised events. A large number of supercross races are broadcasted on television. These channels sometimes include, but should not be limited to, OLN, NBC, and ESPN. As with any other television programming, the networks do not want to air shows that no one watches; it not only costs them time, but money as well. Your viewership, of supercross motorcycle racing events, may help to keep the events televised. This is important to fans that are unable to attend live events.

As important as it is to support the sport as a whole, you will also want to support your favorite supercross rider, also referred to as a supercross racer. You can not only do this by cheering them on at live events, but you can also show your love by sporting the newest gear. Whether you purchase supercross merchandise from live events or online, you will be supporting your favorite rider, often in more ways than one. If you are unable to attend a live supercross motorcycle racing event, you should be able to find merchandise, from your favorite racer online. This can easily be done by performing a standard internet search.

Whether you go out of your way to attend live supercross motorcycle events, tune in from the comfort of your own home, or sport a new supercross hat, you will be doing well for the sport, as well as your favorite rider. Although one person may not make a big difference, it is still important. Think of it this way, if everyone chips in, supercross racing could easily become the most popular sport in America. It is already one of the most popular racing sports, in the United States, so it wouldn’t take much effort to push it past the rest.

Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada really is a remarkable accomplishment if you think about it. This fabulous vacation location was literally created from nothing right out of the middle of the desert. But it has become such a notorious place whose reputation for fun and excitement is legendary.

To say it isn’t a historic site would be a mistake. Many of our great cultural icons had important times in Las Vegas. And some really great movies were filmed with Las Vegas as their backdrop. Consider the exciting song we used for the title of this article, Viva Las Vegas. Elvis Presley, one of the great figures of pop culture, loved this town and extolled the excitement that could be found there in song. Many other great movie and music stars made Las Vegas the site of some of their greatest performances. One such striking entertainment moment was when Frank Sinatra and hit “rat pack” made the wonderful movie Oceans Eleven in Last Vegas, a movie that has spawned a whole series of movies in modern times staring George Clooney, Brad Pitt and a host of other big stars.

To say that big stars are commonplace in Las Vegas would be an understatement. And if we are looking for great sites to see, the availability of shows by some of the brightest and the best of Hollywood, Rock and Roll and Broadway are all available in Las Vegas. For very reasonable prices, you can take time away from your whirlwind schedule of fun and excitement to see some of the best performances you will ever see right there in the casinos along the Las Vegas strip.

Las Vegas has also become synonymous with fast living and “adult” type entertainment. It’s an outstanding location for a honeymoon or that little get away with your spouse where you might want to enjoy some grown up entertainment without the little ones along. Don’t feel guilty as you pack the kids off to grandma’s house and you treat you and your wife to a few fun filled days of casino action, luxurious rooms, great food and a nightlife that cannot be beat. This is the kind of grown up excitement that Las Vegas is known for and you deserve the fun you will have in this town that some have called in jest, “Sin City”.

This is not to say that your stay in Las Vegas won’t be fun or that you have to leave the kids home. There is plenty to do even if it is just lounging around the pool and relaxing in the Jacuzzi. The casinos know that many of us want our families to enjoy vacation as much as we do so there is plenty for the kids to do and things you can do as a family together. Some of the shows like the amazing animal and circus acts can amaze and entertain young and old alike.

You can also take a day and get a tour of this wonderful town and some of the surrounding attractions. The desert itself can be of great interest to the kids and maybe mom and dad too if you have never visited this kind of natural setting. There are plenty of tours to surrounding sites but one of the most enjoyable is a tour of the Hoover Dam not far from town. You can see one of the wonders of modern engineering in how this dam is used to create energy and control the mighty Colorado River.

Las Vegas is just one of so many great sightseeing and vacation sites that are available in this country of such rich diversity. If the adults enjoy some gambling, the casinos offer many games and entertaining diversions to give you that fun. And it isn’t true that you will always lose or come out of there a pauper. It is entirely possible to have great fun at the tables of Las Vegas and still have your vacation travel budget in good shape. And who knows, you might win a round of Black Jack and be able to treat the family to a steak dinner from your winnings. 694

Pittsburgh Internet Marketing

Pittsburgh Internet Marketing

With marketing changing its dynamics from time to time, the significance attached to it has increased. As the world economy grew and technology like internet exploded to phenomenal levels, the word marketing was redefined. Marketing is no more just paying field visits or convincing the client about the product. Even telemarketing is now considered obsolete since phone users desist from taking such calls. The new tool in marketing is internet. It is said that the reach of internet marketing is high considering the penetration of computers and internet in the developed countries.

Internet marketing in Pittsburgh is no less compared to any other mature economy. The average rate of the e-transaction, including e-commerce, is equivalent to the national average.

The internet has spawned a plethora of firms that specialize in internet marketing. Just like advertising firms, now internet marketing is the buzzword. There are hundreds of internet marketing firms in Pittsburgh. Not only have they been successful in their operations and in achieving objectives, they have received multiple awards for excellent performance. These internet marketing firms have grown into full-fledged firms with specialization in various aspects of marketing. They also offer thousands of jobs in the Pittsburgh area, especially the locals.

The internet marketing firms specialize in many sectors. Initially, they hold meetings with the clients to decide whether the product should target individual mail users or general internet surfers. Companies generally prefer to advertise or market products on popular internet sites, search engines and portals. Marketing a product by mailing each person is not favored since such mails go down the filter as spam. Then the entire exercise will be lost. The end objective will not be achieved.

Internet marketing firms in Pittsburgh are known to reach the target audience since all of them are professionally managed. A majority of these firms are either launched by or maintained by professionals with prior experience in firms practicing traditional advertising and marketing.

It is easy to trace internet marketing firms in Pittsburgh. All of them are registered on the internet. They have their separate portals and websites detailing the services offered by them. The services can be checked out by visiting their respective websites. The internet marketing firms are also listed in the local yellow pages and telephone directories.

Usually, products from the fast moving consumer goods category, computer and peripherals, local services like flower delivery, banking information, credit information, subscription to various newspapers and publications, access to internet sites and public events are marketed online.

Canadian Casinos – North Of The Border For Fun & Games

Canadian Casinos – North Of The Border For Fun & Games

Gambling in Canada expanded in leaps and bounds during the 1990’s.

Canada now boasts 59 casinos and 70 racetrack/slots venues in 7 provinces and NWT.

Provincial governments oversee gaming in each of the participating provinces.

The legal gambling age is 19 years of age. I suggest you call ahead for casino hours and location.

All information is correct at time of writing, but may change.

Nova Scotia

Casino Nova Scotia operates two locations in Halifax, 1983 Upper Water St. on the waterfront-Purdy’s Wharf and Sydney.


All casinos have a dress code (no jeans), and no gratuities are accepted.

Casino Montreal: 1, Avenue du Casino, Montreal in Parc Des Iles. Nuance – 5 star restaurant.

Casino de Hull: 1, Blvd. du Casino, Hull. Across the river from Ottawa, Canada’s capital city.


Contact Ontario Casino Corp. 416-326-0076 for current updates.

Charity Casinos: Four locations. All use The Winners Circle players card.

Brantford: 40 Icomm Drive, Brantford. Located 55 miles southwest of Toronto in downtown Brantford, ON. This celestial themed casino has a gift shop, a liquor license, Meteor Bar lounge and dining at the Cosmic Diner cafeteria. Open 24 hours.

Thunder Bay: 50 Cumberland St. S., Thunder Bay. Location: On the north shore of Lake Superior in Thunder Bay, ON. The area is rich in the history of mining, marine and fur trading. A sea faring themed casino of more than 14,000 square feet.

Point Edward: 2000 Venetian Blvd., Point Edward. Location: Ten blocks from Sarnia, Ont. near the Bluewater Bridge on the St. Clair River. Indoor sights of a ship’s hull, saltwater aquarium and glass bridge add to this nautical themed casino.

Casino Sault Ste. Marie: 30 Bay St. W., Sault Ste. Marie. Location: Northern Ontario approx. 400 miles north of Toronto. Great hunting and fishing in this area.

Eighteen racetracks have placed more than 9000 slots as per the provincial plan in partnership with the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Commission.


VLT’s available in many bars throughout Manitoba. Two of the best are:

Club Regent: 1425 Regent W., Winnipeg.
McPhillips Stn.: 484 McPhillips St., Winnipeg.


Casino Regina: Union Station, 1880 Saskatchewan Dr. is this province’s premiere casino.


Casinos offer regular slots rather than VLT’s.

Edmonton is Canada’s fastest growing gaming city, and Casino Yellowhead is its jewel.

Home to the world’s largest shopping/entertainment complex – West Edmonton Mall.

Casino Yellowhead: Yellow Head Trail at 153rd St. located in the West Edmonton Mall.

At 73,500 sq. ft, Yellowhead is the largest casino in western Canada.

British Columbia

Great Canadian Casinos operates several casinos in BC.

Most locations offer these table games: Blackjack, Roulette, Mini-Baccarat, Red Dog, Let It Ride, Caribbean Stud Poker, Sic Bo, Texas Hold ‘Em, Seven-Card Stud Poker and slots.

Each casino is centrally located in large municipalities and offers currency exchange,food and beverage service, wheel chair accessibility and nearby public transportation.

Western Canada Lottery Corporation works in conjunction with the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and territory of Yukon and Sport North Lottery Authority.

There are no taxes paid on lottery or casino winnings in Canada.

Being Canadian and born in Toronto, the research for this information was a labour (Canadian spelling) of love.